What Men Really Want In Bed: 10 Things You’re Not Doing

When it comes what men really want in bed, a woman likes to think of herself as being naturally intuitive. However, your man’s wants and needs in the bedroom might surprise you, as what men want in bed can differ greatly from person to person. Using the Law of Devotion to get in touch with his inner rock star means very little if you cannot keep him happy and satiated.


In order to satisfy him and make him want you more and more, you’ll need to follow these helpful tips, as they will allow you to become more than just a queen of your element. Becoming the goddess that he desires both inside of the bedroom and out is simpler than you think, so be sure to read on and learn more about the following pointers.


  1. Be Original


Every woman has been with a man that tried to use the same moves on her that he used on someone else in the bedroom and while you might think that he won’t notice if you try the same trick with him, any experienced man who is worthy of your affection is going to be able to see right through you. That’s why it is important to be original when it comes time to enjoy one another in the bedroom, so that he feels special and unique.


Yes, men want to feel special and unique, whether they are willing to admit to this fact or not. A lot of men want their women to cater to them specifically and when you are using the same playbook over and over again, he might simply decide to play for a different team instead. If this is something that you would like to avoid, take the time to get to know him and his body, so that you can please him in ways that no one ever thought of before and allow yourself to stand out.


  1. Initiate Sexual Contact


No man wants to initiate every single sexual contact, whether we are talking about sending the first text or making the first phone call or we are talking about initiating physical contact when the two are spending time together. If he always has to make the first move, he will begin to feel as if you don’t care for him as much as he cares for you and he may begin to recede as a result of these actions.


That’s why you’ll want to be the one to initiate sexual contact from time to time. First of all, this simple action gives him a chance to feel wanted (who doesn’t like being seduced?) and provides you with the opportunity to strut your proverbial stuff. Being a rock star means never making your man have to be the one to initiate every sexual encounter. Taking the reins once in a while never hurt anyone.


  1. Heat Things Up Early


There is no rule that says you have to wait to meet up in person before getting things started. Sexual encounters are even more fun when both parties are already all hot and bothered and when you want to push him to a point where he can’t possibly take it anymore, there are a number of ways to go about this task. Sending him a provocative photo during a time of day when he can’t get his hands on you is a great start.


You can also try sexting him at random moments throughout the day, as long as you are not making yourself too available. While men really want someone who will talk dirty to them, they do not want someone who is going to make it too easy for them, which leads us directly into the next pointer…


  1. Tease Him a Little


Striking that proper balance between letting him have his way with you and teasing him just a little bit can be difficult, but any goddess who is truly in touch with herself and a studious devotee of the Law of Devotion knows how to tease him in the proper manner, keeping him interested, while also letting him know that it will not be as easy as he would like to think it will be.


Whether it is sending him dirty pictures of yourself while he is at work or getting up off the couch to take a breather when things are starting to get hot and heavy, there is no reason why you need to let him have his way with you immediately. No matter what any man tells you, he does not want a woman who he can have without putting in any effort, so take the time to build anticipation before giving in to desire.


  1. Try New Things


Once your relationship has become firmly entrenched and you’ve enjoyed each other’s company a few times, a bedroom routine starts to emerge and while familiarity can be comforting, it can lead to a certain sense of complacency that causes him to become bored. If you give him a chance to become bored with you, this could cause the relationship to go through some unnecessary growing pains that will deter future growth.


You should always be willing to try new things. Don’t be afraid to ask him plenty of questions about his likes and dislikes. Perhaps he has seen something in a pornographic movie that he would like you to try or maybe he’s got a fantasy that he’s always wanted you to fulfill. When you remain open to new things, you give your sexual relationship a chance to flourish and inspire him to be open with you as well.


  1. Create a Judgement Free Zone


If you want to use the Law of Devotion to your advantage and tap into the side of him that is truly passionate and dedicated to your needs, you need to create a judgement free zone in the bedroom and give him a chance to express his needs and wants without fear. What men want in bed is someone who will not pass judgement on any form of intimacy that they desire and they do not want to be criticized for speaking their minds.


Let’s say that you would like him to do something differently in the bedroom. Instead of being harsh or overly critical, be loving and open. Using the proper language is crucial and phrases like “you never…” and “you can’t…” are only going to make him more shy and reticent. Don’t take it personally if he asks for something that you’re not interested in or if he makes a mistake during the lovemaking process.


  1. Provide Emotional Satisfaction


Men really want a woman who does not make them feel like a mere slab of beef. Yes, ladies, a man desires emotional satisfaction in addition to the physical satisfaction of a orgasmic release. While a nice quickie can be perfect, men are no strangers to enjoying intimacy and they are much softer and gentler than a woman may realize. They desire a connection with their partner that can push their sexual enjoyment to another level.


To make him want you more and more, you need to show him that you are in tune with his needs, from both a physical and emotional standpoint. There are going to be times when he wants to be dominant and have his way with you in order to satisfy his lust and there are also going to be times that he wants to slow things down and experience greater intimacy. Learning how to read him and cater to these needs is crucial.


  1. Have Confidence In Yourself


No man wants to spend his time in the bedroom building up your confidence or making you feel better about yourself. A woman who has embraced the Law of Devotion already knows her worth and can rock his world with ease, while a woman who is still not confident in herself will struggle to satisfy her partner. A man wants you to be comfortable and confident in your own skin, so that he is not wasting valuable time that could be spent on more fun pursuits.


That means that you should not be making any sort of negative comments about yourself or fishing for compliments. A woman who is not confident in herself is a major turn off and can even cause the man to become more self conscious. You are sexy and beautiful and you need to act accordingly, as a woman who needs constant reassurance is a major turn off.


  1. Tell Him What You Want


While it would be nice if he knew what you wanted without you having to tell him, it would also be nice if you were willing to let him know without him having to guess. Would you rather spend your life trying to find the magical man who can read your mind or would you rather let him know what pleases you right away so that you can skip the “getting to know each other’s bodies stage?” and get right to the fun part? It is an easy choice to make.


You are not taking any of the fun out of the experience by letting him know what you want. What men want in bed is a woman who can let them know what they want in a sensual manner. Whether it is something as simple as taking his hand and placing it on the part of your body that you want him to touch or gently guiding his head below the belt when you are in need of special kisses, there are a variety of ways to tell him what you want without spoiling the mood.


  1. Get To Know Yourself


It is not his sole responsibility to know what you want and give it to you and women who take the time to learn their own bodies by masturbating have a much better idea of what they want and need in bed than women who don’t. Doing your own homework goes a long way towards making your sexual encounters all the more memorable, as you no longer have to play a guessing game when it is time to turn yourself on.


As an added bonus, you are able to provide him with a fun tutorial, by showing him exactly how you want to be touched and played with. If you are forcing him to fumble around by himself and learn your body without taking the time to learn it on your own, you are only serving to diminish your own amount of sexual pleasure over the long haul.


As you can see, what men really want in bed is simpler than you might have imagined, but they also have their moments of complexity. Maintaining a great relationship is about being able to satisfy him on all possible levels, so don’t ever neglect the importance of the boudoir. If you can rock every single facet of his world, you will make him want you in ways that you never even thought possible.