Making The Forces Of Nature Work For You

Everybody is looking for a new life revolution and a way to harness the spiritual rebirth we’ve been witnessing in recent decades. Women in particular are breaking free of old paradigms set in place by the urgency to free us through the Women’s Movement. It was so necessary for previous generations to help women release outdated ideals of femininity and give us the opportunity to impact the world through work and equality with men.


The caveat came when women had no recent role models to follow. Left to our own devices of how to behave as liberated women, we copied men and acted masculine and became competitive. But a woman is not the same as a man as much as we are more like each other than to animals or plants. Many women are left to ask, what is it that men want from a woman?


A woman is as strong without becoming like men. She has inherent power and seduction from the fact she is nature’s emotional center where a man is more logical. A woman handles relationships differently and as the physical life giver, her role is more nurturing than a man’s.


A woman’s power lies in the fact that she is nature’s magnetic force. She is in touch with nature due to her ability to give life. And she is strong inside and feminine outside. Men are attracted to women who send this vibration to the outside world. They are not looking for beauty queens or hot models no matter what they claim. Men surveyed indicate that they fall in love with a woman who makes them feel better about themselves. In other words, your job is to be a woman who fills his sails.


A Woman Who Inspires Men


How do you make him love you? How does a woman use her natural femininity in a way that makes a man feel better as a provider and strong protector who wants his attention on her? You begin with self love.


The Law of Devotion is one of the spiritual truths to the universe that feminine power is its own force. It asks us to look at ourselves as woman and love the feminine side of nature. Doing this requires tapping into natural modalities and remembering to have self-love for who you are as a woman.


To make it easy to follow these steps, we use the word BLISS. BLISS is a mnemonic for Breathe, Love, Inspire, Seduce, Support. These words, in turn, are categories, if you will, for feelings and actions that can be harnessed through symbolic elements taken from nature.


There are five elements in nature that govern all life: Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. Each of these are paradigms that are symbolized by a ruler, The Queen, who can be emulated when looking to draw on powers of femininity.


The Queen of Water is emotional. She is fluid and accepting of change in life. The Queen of Air is a Muse and creates inspiration. The Queen of Fire inflames. She is a seductress. The Queen of Earth is a welcome and nurturing force.


The Queen of Space is a woman who incorporates all of these truths. She is known as The Beloved. This Queen is the Queen of nature in its entirety. She is the conduit used to channel all the other queenly attributes of elements and create one magnetic force who inspires devotion and love.


Tapping Cultural Knowledge


Along with the feminist movement of the last century, women are becoming more aware of other cultures’ methods of dealing with self love, romantic relationships and the ideals of femininity. Russian women are traditionally seen as seductresses who also seem to have less complaints about male-female relationships than other cultures.


This is not necessarily the entire story though. Russian women have learned through hardship how to produce the best outcome in a love relationship by relying on themselves and their feminine power. Almost by accident the Russian woman has had to become all the Queens in order to survive and this knowledge and power is passed on as women do in all cultures, from grandmothers and mothers to daughters.


A Russian woman’s traditional response to men is to remain a woman. She is not a tomboy or her man’s buddy. She brings all the feminine aspects to a relationship. Men are the other half of a whole. If they bring strength through power, protection and logic in the outside world, then their other half must provide inner needs. Ones that are traditionally called feminine: emotions, earthiness, nurturing and seduction.


Men display their gratitude by protecting and supporting women. For this, a woman expresses her own gratitude and always receives anything a man gives her with great joy and sincerity. This inspires him to give more, knowing he is providing for her and receiving the feminine gift of emotional response back.


Understanding and channeling the Law of Devotion can make a woman a Queen and above all, the Queen of Nature itself, who inspires devoted loving relationships. The Law of Devotion begins with self love which has its own step wise process itself. Learning to understand your own needs, assets and what you may be doing to self-sabotage are all parts of reaching self love.


Getting to Self Love.




In order to get to self love it almost goes without saying, you need to know yourself. In that way you can learn to love that person and perfect her if there are limiting beliefs you hold in reference to yourself.


Step One: What I Want


To begin to understand yourself, it’s easiest to create a list of what it is that you want in a relationship. Some of these items might include:


I want someone who supports my goals and is devoted to me, without distractions.


I want to meet a soul mate, someone who makes me feel like I have come home.


I want to be in love and deep co­creative partnership with a man who is comparable to me on the sexual, cultural, spiritual, intellectual and financial level.


There are many ways to list the needs you have within you that will be matched with a great partner. This list can be used against the next step in which you will ask yourself, if you have not found that, why?


Step Two: Limiting Beliefs


Clearing self limiting beliefs takes a moment of courage. It asks you to imagine the absolute worst case scenario and finding out that no matter what it is, even the thought, “I die alone,” is just the worst case and not the likely scenario.


Even alone, you are still you and still loved and a loving child of the universe. Once your worst case scenario is looked at in the eye, you will first see that it’s not as bad as it sounds, and then you’ll know it’s unlikely to happen that way. With minimal effort on your part, it can be erased completely and you will know it for the untruth that it is.


Here are some common self limiting beliefs. See if you accidentally hold any inside:


I’ve already tried many relationships and it’s never happened.


Men are usually inadequate.


If a man is sexy, smart, spiritual and successful at my age, he’s usually with somebody already, or wants to be poly.


I’m stuck in this place and no one close to my age is someone I could be attracted to.


Step Three: Clearing the Blocks


Clearing the limiting beliefs is a little bit of self-psychology. You will need to imagine the belief you hold and really feel it. Imagine it to be true. How does it feel that all men are taken? What happens if you die alone? Visualize it and breathe it in.


Once you are there, ask yourself, what happens with this belief? What does it give me? It might give you a feeling of freedom or provide you a comfort level since you can avoid taking chances. Your subconscious is limiting your abilities here. It’s answering to the need the belief fills.


Now your job is to replace that belief with anything else that can provide the same result. Make a list for yourself of things you can do to – for example – feel free, or feel comfortable in life. This will free up the negative belief about dating and finding love since it doesn’t serve a purpose any longer.


Using The Elemental Queens


Once you’ve freed up your limiting beliefs, you can begin the process of self love in full. The Queens and elemental powers they hold are guidelines you can use to role model and to put intuitive questions to.


A woman is emotional in nature. This isn’t the bad thing we might have heard, working with men or making our way in the logic driven world. Our emotions free us from specifics that logic forces and gives direction to us, the subconscious, the universe at large, in terms that are open.


For example, say you don’t like the way your lover touches you in the bedroom. Your natural response might be to say, “I hate that you touch me like this, incorrectly.” Men may feel criticized with a direct comment on technique, which is specific and logic driven.


Instead you might say “I prefer a watery touch.” This speaks of your feelings, something men understand about women. It doesn’t attack what he provides but instead gives him an opportunity to figure out how to make you feel better. Feelings and emotions, are the Queens’ domains and he will be happy to bring his part, providing something to generate your good feelings, which may include his technique.


The elemental queens are also very effective in your dealings with the outside world and with dating. If something goes wrong, you receive rejection or you don’t care for your potential date partner, you can use elements to figure out your own needs. You might say some of these phrases to yourself:


I felt a lot of space in his presence


I am not feeling grounded right now


His proposal felt airy


My water is getting stagnant. I’d better move on.


This also helps you avoid any masculine derived words that are specific and therefore potentially hurtful to a nature based woman. You are not going to say, “He needs space,” or, “I feel in a slump today.” Those are specifics and not necessarily true. Instead, using elemental descriptions, you can focus on generalizations and leave the specifics up to the universe and the power of the Queens.


Using the Elemental Queens as the focus of your work in the Law of Devotion can open your environment to draw in loving relationships, or show you how to make any man fall in love with you. Begin with yourself and by channeling the feminine forces of nature, you can make them work for you. Meditate with images of the Queens in mind and you might find that all of them come to your aid and create you into a true Queen of Nature.