How To Lock Your Man Down – And Make Him Think It Was His Idea

Hello lovely! It’s Luba,


What an amazing day!!


I’m sitting with a beautiful red tea on one side of my computer, enjoying the rising sun and thinking of you.


That’s why I decided to write this.


This morning, I want to share my final secret to making your man commit to you and ONLY YOU.


This one trick is so powerful that it will even make him believe it was his idea in the first place.


Sneaky, I know. Haha


This secret?



Speak To His Heart!


You can’t complain your way into commitment, but you can speak in a way that will light a fire in his heart and make him feel compelled to literally claim you as his and only his.


YOU: “I’m really enjoying getting to know you. I always look forward to seeing you.” – (said with a big, radiant smile on your face)


YOU: “This is really hard to say…” (pause to let him feel a little bit of discomfort and suspense)


YOU: “I want to be with a man that I can give myself to completely… and I’m starting to want to open myself up to you fully. But I can’t…”


HIM: “Wait really? Why?!”


YOU: “I can’t fully give myself to a man without being exclusive. So if that’s not what you want, then I have to leave myself open to dating other men. There’s no pressure or anything, and we can keep dating… for now…, but I respect you so much and I want you to know where I’m at and what I am looking for.”


HIM: “So you want to be exclusive with me?”


YOU: (have a big smile on your face and then let it fade away) – “Well… I have so much I want to give you, but I know how I am. Unless we’re in an exclusive relationship, I have to hold back… and leave myself available to date until I have the relationship I want. Soooooo, it’s up to you to decide, honey.”


This is an immeasurably powerful way to let him feel the sense of loss we talked about in the last email, but at the same time, prompt him to take decisive action and lock you down!


You see, if the pressure to commit comes from you, he’ll never do it.


You don’t want to nag your way into a beautiful relationship! No one wants that!


No, you want him to just want you so badly that he just couldn’t help himself!


You want him to be so inflamed by the thought of you that he can’t bear to leave it up to chance, to think for even a second that you might find your way into the arms of another and so, he literally just claims you!


That’s the way it should be!


Okay, I have to run now, it’s breakfast time. Oh before I forget, be sure to check out tomorrow’s email, I’m going to cover a BIG mistake you are probably making regularly, a mistake that may cost you your relationship.


You’re in my thoughts!