How Do I Know I Found The Right Man?: 7 Telltale Signs

Love is a unifying force and our collective pursuit of love is the one thing that binds the entirety of the human race. Knowing how to make him fall in love is important but knowing if you have found the right man is even more crucial. This knowledge is what separates fleeting short term connections from viable long term relationships.


Falling in love is a beautiful feeling and thanks to the Law of Devotion, it has never been easier to attract the man that you really want. Women who project an aura of royalty and make their men feel like a rock star have far more success than their more timid and reticent counterparts.


If you find yourself wondering if you know how to make him fall in love and whether you have finally found the right man, be sure to read on and learn more about the following seven signs, so that you can increase your awareness.


  1. You Don’t Need To Be Perfect


When we first meet someone that we think might be special, we often fall into the trap of trying to behave in a manner that is 100 perfect, as we falsely believe that the person will leave us or lose interest if we let our guard down and show them who we really are. A man who is worth hanging onto knows that we all have good days and bad days, he does not expect you to be “on” all of the time.


If you are able to be yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without fear, this is a sure sign that you have found the right man for you. There are going to be days where you do not feel like putting on makeup or even a clean pair of sweatpants and if he still treats you like the goddess that you are, this is a great sign for the long term prospects of the relationship.


Being a queen is not about remaining perfect at all times, it is about finding someone who loves you and cherishes you even when things are not perfect. A man who will lounge with you on the couch when neither of you have even bothered to shower and watch the same old movie that you’ve both seen fifteen times is the man for you.


  1. You Love Each Other In a Selfless Manner


Meeting the right man and loving each other in a selfless way in one of the most freeing feelings that we can experience in life. When you are each other’s biggest cheerleaders and treat one another like rock stars, there is no telling how much you will be able to achieve in life and in your relationship. A mature, healthy relationship that is worth building on takes place when both sides love one another in a manner that is selfless.


For example, forcing your man to skip work or school because you want as much of his time as possible is not an example of loving in a selfless manner. His interests need to become yours and you need to view them as a necessary and healthy extension of who he is as a person, as opposed to viewing them as a threat to your own personal needs and agenda.


When you can allow yourselves to balance your career interests and personal life, without causing these problems to upset the natural balance of your relationship, this is a great indication of your future prospects. Even though certain stages of your respective careers might make it more difficult to juggle your relationship, the two of you are far too devoted to each other to let this stand in your way.


  1. You Desire His Presence, Even When You’ve Had a Bad Day


For most women, the concept of wanting a man close to us when we’ve had a bad day seems like sacrilege. After all, once we’ve had a day, all we want to do is take a long, hot shower, grab something to eat and curl up in bed with some trashy television shows or a supermarket romance novel, right? But once we’ve found the right man, we want him near us all of the time, even when we’ve had a day that we would much rather forget.


Finding the right man is about finding someone that we still want to be around, even when we are not feeling our best. A man who is comfortable spending with you when you are in a bad mood is a man who is ready and willing to listen to you. He will remain by your side, even when times are bad and he will listen to everything that you have to say without passing any sort of judgement or trying to serve as a cure all.


If he can listen to you when you are unhappy, without offering input that is intended to invalidate your concerns, this means that he is a true keeper. Finding someone that you want to be around even when you are not at your happiest is incredibly rare, as long as you want him around the right reasons. Wanting to be near him all of the time is great, as long as it does not come at the expense of your personal progress.


  1. Attraction Takes Place on All Levels


Both sexes are guilty of allowing their level of physical attraction to dictate their level of commitment, but when you have found the right man, you are not just attracted to him because he is good looking, you love everything about him and the chemistry between the two of you is palpable to anyone who spends any significant amount of time in the same room with you.


Being truly attracted to a man means loving him inside and out. While we certainly need to experience some form of physical attraction during the early stages of a relationship, this sets the table for a deeper attraction once you’ve gotten the chance to get to know each other. To make him fall in love is one thing, to fall in love with every aspect of his personality is quite another.


True chemistry takes place when you can tell what he’s thinking, when you are attracted to the substance of his character and not just his adorable smile and lovemaking ability. When you are truly attracted to each other, even the most mundane tasks become more fun when he is around. Something as simple as running to the grocery store for milk turns into an excuse to hold hands and kiss and once you’ve found a connection like this, you cannot let it go.


  1. Your Romance Ideals Line Up Perfectly


While some women are hopeless romantics when it comes to their point of view on relationships, others are far more pragmatic and realistic. When you have found the man who is right for you, you are able to be rock stars together, build each other up and enjoy one another’s company, because your ideals of what a true romance should be align in a perfect way.


Whether your idea of romance entails taking long road trips together and having candlelit bubble baths or it is something a tad more simplistic and down to Earth, finding the right man is about finding someone who shares these ideals with you, so that the two of you can grow together, as opposed to other couples who find themselves growing apart once the initial lust and infatuation has worn off.


Women who are not familiar with the Law of Devotion will often try to sell themselves short and they compromise on their romance ideals as a result. A true queen who is in touch with herself is able to find her king and once she has found the man whose ideals match up with hers, she knows better than to ever let him go for any reason that is not a true deal breaker.


  1. Even Your Fights Are Constructive


There is a common misconception about relationships, as many couples believe that they should not be fighting for any reason whatsoever. It never feels good to fight too often and if you are fighting on a daily basis, this is not a sign that you have found the right man and is actually an indicator that you should probably continue your search for the right partner elsewhere.


But fighting is a significant part of any healthy long term relationship and when your fights are constructive, this will only serve to strengthen your bond. When fighting is less focused on name calling or making the other person feel bad about themselves and more focused on understanding one another, this is a major key that allows you to unlock the best possible version of your relationships.


Disagreements are bound to happen throughout the course of any long term relationship, romantic or not. If you and your partner are able to make these fights a constructive exercise where you learn more about how to make one another happy, this is a wonderful sign. Fights do not always have to turn into knock down, drag out brawls, they can serve as a great way to learn more about the other person’s likes and dislikes.


  1. He Can Hear You (Instead of Just Listening)


Any man can sit there and listen to what you have to say (especially a man who is only after one thing). But it takes a truly special and caring man to not only listen to what you have to say, but to hear you out as well. Listening is all well and good, at it indicates that at least a modicum of effort is being put in to meet your needs.


A man who truly hears you out is intuitive. He knows when to allow you to vent and when to interject with solutions to the problems that you are discussing. When he has spent enough time listening to you, he has the ability to anticipate your needs and meet them before you’ve even had a chance to express them.


What more could a woman possibly want from her partner? A man who is willing to hear you out and act on your words on a well intentioned manner is not a man that you want to allow to slip through your clutches. If he gets you and knows what you are trying to say without you having to give him a detailed explanation, this allows the relationship to grow and thrive over the long haul.


Knowing what men want and knowing how to love a man is important and you’ll also want to know if you have found the right man once he finally comes along. Taking the time and effort to know what men want and learn how to love a man is great, but unless you are able to heed the aforementioned signs, the Law of Devotion will never truly work in your favor.