Can You Be Marriage Material AND Sexy? Hell Yes!

Hello lovely,


Luba here.


I’ve had some women ask me this question before and it really got me thinking…


You see, there’s an assumption going around that it is impossible to be both his sexual fantasy and the woman he can see himself marrying.


I disagree, and here’s why…



The New Sexy


Quick – what are some of the most prevalent male sexual fantasies you can think of?


Hot librarian? Sexy Secretary? Flirty Nurse?


Now what do these 3 have in common?




Being a nurse takes years of study.


Glasses worn by librarians and secretaries evoke a sense of intelligence and hard work.


Yes, men find intelligent women to be desirable!


When looking for his future wife, Mr. Right doesn’t want a ditsy bimbo – he absolutely wants a woman who can match his intelligence, who can challenge him to grow.


Smart girls are a HUGE turn on for men who are looking for a long-term partner, and a turn-off for men who are NOT looking for a long-term partner.


You’re essentially weeding out the quality men from the dirtbags who might sneak into the batch accidentally.


Weather they will admit it or not, the fact is that most men really want to marry a woman who is both sexy and smart. They want the ‘whole package’ basically.


Here’s the great thing about intelligence; You don’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to be considered sexy with your intellect.


Brains are hot. Having an opinion is sexy. Confidence and beliefs is endearing. There’s no other way to put it.


If you can demonstrate to a man that you are strong and confident, caring and sexy, he will begin to see you as marriage material.


Why? Because if you could believe in yourself, then you could believe strongly in him as well, and every man wants to know that his woman believes in his strength of truth no matter what.


You will be giving him a gift he cannot find elsewhere, hands down.


Okay, let’s catch up tomorrow my love!