Be Careful Not To Assume Exclusivity [The Shocking Truth]

Hello lovely,

It’s Luba here and GOD do I ever hate mixed signals.


Isn’t life SO much simpler without them?


When a man sends mixed signals consistently, as women, our instinct is usually to make assumptions…


And that is bad, bad BAD, oh VERY BAD.


Here’s why:


When you assume you two are in a committed, exclusive relationship, you’ve essentially just purchased yourself a one-way ticket to heartbreak city.


Men and women are wired quite differently, and it usually takes a longer time for men to realize they are ready to commit to a relationship.


Or, maybe he’s just the type that likes being free to date other women.


If You Want To Be Exclusive, You Need To Initiate The Talk



If you’re ready to settle down and be with him and only him, then you need to be ready to call him out on his games.


Most women always seem to just get caught up in the mixed signals, always trying to guess, always trying to see through it…


But usually to no avail.


However, when you initiate the talk about exclusivity, you are forcing him to put all his cards on the table.


I want to discuss a few ways to read through his hot and cold mixed signals to find out what he is really thinking.



How Do You Know It’s Time To Have A Talk?



Well my dear, for starters, when he doesn’t seem flustered or uncomfortable when you call out of the blue. Isn’t it such a great feeling when you know you can call him day or night and he will be happy to hear from you?


Another one is when he calls you… just because. Weather it’s to say he’s thinking about you, or to say goodnight at the end of a long day.


These are just some of the signs that can clue you in as to where he’s really standing in regards to his relationship with you.


That’s the time where you can have a serious chat about where this relationship is going, and if it’s time for you to move on and find someone mature enough to commit to you!


Okay my dear, I have to run now, but in tomorrow’s email, I’ve got something special for you. I’ve decided to enlist the help of an expert; A close male friend of mine who will give you the dirty secrets to attracting your dream man – from a man’s perspective. It’ll be a real treat so be sure to stick around!


Love and light,