After 6 Months: Is This Going Anywhere? 10 Questions To Ask

So you’ve met that special man, you’ve spent a few months together and you have used the Law of Devotion to show him that you are a true queen who can help him access his inner rock star. However, you’ve now reached the 6 month mark and you are still undecided about whether the relationship is actually going somewhere.


Fortunately, there are a few telltale questions that you can ask that will let you know if you are in the process of building a lifelong connection or if you are merely passing time. Women want men, woman need men, but the last thing any woman needs is to waste her valuable time. Read on to learn more about how to determine the long term viability of your fledgling relationship, so that you can make the best possible choice for your health and sanity.


  1. Do You Laugh Together?


Knowing what men want in bed is a great start, but what happens once all of the physical affection is over with? Are you able to sit and laugh together or do you find yourselves laughing at completely different things? While sex is one way to evaluate your level of intimacy, your ability to laugh together goes a much longer way towards determining whether you have a connection that is built to last.


Once the infatuation period wears off, do the two of you have inside jokes? Can you be happy together doing little more than showing each other humorous YouTube videos? If so, this is a great sign that your relationship is actually going somewhere. After all, the couple that laughs together will certainly stay together.


  1. Can You Disagree?


Even the happiest couple of all time is going to experience disagreements along the way and if you find that every disagreement is turning into a major argument, this is not a very good sign for your relationship going forward. Communication is one of the most vital aspects of any relationship and when the two of you are unable to have disagreements in a constructive manner, this could keep your relationship from being able to mature past the infatuation period.


Disagreements do not have to become arguments and when you and him have a strong connection, you are able to have discussions where the two of you have opposing viewpoints without descending into petty name calling or even raising your voice. If you can turn a squabble into an informative discussion that leads to increased closeness, this means that your relationship is definitely going somewhere good.


  1. Am I Free To Express Myself As I See Fit?


When you speak to him, do you find yourself conversing in a manner that is loose and free or are you constantly worried about offending him in some way? A healthy relationship that is destined to last for a significant period of time is a relationship where the woman feels perfectly fine with expressing herself in any manner that she sees fit, within reason, of course. There is never a need to shout, raise your voice or allow an altercation to turn physical.


While a polite and respectful relationship where both parties are able to express themselves in the proper way may seem boring from the outside looking in, these are the only relationships that are built to last. If you find yourself walking on eggshells and you are fearful about saying certain things to him, this is not a strong sign for your relationship and could indicate that you need to send him the dreaded “we have to talk” message before you waste any more months.


  1. Is He Thoughtful?


So you’ve taken the time to learn more about what men want in bed and you have catered to all of his needs, but does he take the time to do the same for you? Does he know what a woman wants in bed? Does he truly hear you out when you explain your wants and needs to him or is he merely waiting for the next moment where he can have his way with you? Gauging his level of thoughtfulness is crucial to determining whether you have a future together.


A man who wants to be with you and grow together will take the time to hear you out and he will only become more thoughtful as time passes. If you have been together for six months and you are still explaining everything about yourself like you just started dating last week, this is an indication that you need to re-evaluate things, pronto.


  1. Do We Extend Grace To Each Other?


In an unhealthy relationship, every little slip up is fuel for the arguing fire and neither party can seem to extend even the smallest amount of grace to one another. When minor slip ups and annoyances keep you from being kind to each other, this usually means that neither of you are right for each other and that you should start considering the possibility that you would be better off seeing other people.


On the other hand, when forgiveness and graciousness come easy to the both of you, this typically means that your relationship is heading in a great direction. When even minor offenses grate on your nerves and lead to a night of arguing, this means that the two are not as compatible as you might have originally thought. Choosing someone who you find it easy to forgive is crucial to the development of a long term relationship.


  1. Do I Want Him To Meet All Of The Important People In My Life?


When you have been together for 6 months, there is a good chance that he has already met some of your closest friends and maybe even a sibling or two, if you happen to reside in an area that is adjacent to family. But in most instances, the truly important people in your life are not going to meet a potential husband until you have been together for a significant length of time.


Women who have spent at least 6 months with their partner and are wondering if they will introduce him to the most crucial friends, family members and business associates have a lot of soul searching to do. It is much easier to break it off before all of the most important introductions have taken place and if you cannot imaging allowing him to meet your parents, your closest friends or your colleagues, this means you need to cut him loose.


  1. When I Envision The Future, Is He In It?


A woman who uses the Law of Devotion to her advantage is a woman with real plans for her future, a woman who is not going to be content with doing the same things over and over again year after year. A good rule of thumb when it comes to deciding whether your 6 month relationship is going anywhere is to close your eyes and take a moment to envision your future a year from now or even five years from now.


When you imagine the future, does he automatically pop up or do you imagine yourself being completely alone? Better yet, do you envision a different type of man in his place? If the man you have been dating for 6 months is the man that you see in your mind’s eye when you picture the future, he is a keeper and you should hold onto him tightly.


  1. Do You Each Put In An Equal Level of Effort?


There is a certain division of labor that needs to take place in any relationship in order for it to be truly successful. This does not have to refer to literal labor, it refers to the connection between you and your boyfriend. 6 months in, does he pick up the phone to make the first call or text or do you always find yourself making the first effort to remain in contact with one another?


Feeling like you are the one carrying all of the weight is not an enjoyable place to be in and this is a question that you’ll need to consider thoroughly when you are deciding whether he is a viable partner for the future. If he is not going to put in effort from the very beginning, expecting him to make a sudden about face in the future is a fool’s errand at best. However, if he is already taking the time and effort to spend time with you and you never have to spur him into action, this is a good thing and means that you should continue to pursue a relationship with him.


  1. Am I Keeping Secrets From Him?


Have you begin to truly lower your guard and tell him all of the things that you were scared to share with previous lovers and paramours? Or you are still keeping secrets from him and playing things close to the vest? The answer to this question will go a long way towards letting you know if the man that you have spent the last 6 months with is someone that you should continue to date.


A good man who is worthy of a long term relationship is a man who provides you with a natural feeling of comfort, so that you can let your guard down without fear. If he has yet to provide you with that feeling, this could very well be a signal that the two of you need to consider going your separate ways, so that you can find a man who is ready to provide you with the proper emotional security.


  1. Do We Unequivocally Support Each Other?


A couple that is meant to be will support each other at every possible turn and knows how important it is to serve as each other’s primary cheerleaders. There is no space in any healthy relationship for sniping and rude behavior that serves to undermine each other’s confidence. Great couples never allow the world to see them squabbling.


The Law of Devotion is all about building each other up and giving each other the necessary boost that it takes to become a rock star in your own right. When the two are upset with one another, do you allow these emotions to bubble over in public? If so, this could serve as a helpful impetus to start searching for an escape hatch.


Once you have put 6 months into a relationship, it can be difficult to admit that it is already over or that you need to alter your efforts to get the most out of it. A woman who is a true queen of her world knows that women want men and that women need men, but she does not allow this knowledge to force her into a relationship that is not befitting of her stature. By paying close attention to the aforementioned questions, a woman can use the Law of Devotion to her advantage and find the relationship that she truly deserves.