A Man’s Perspective On How To Catch His Eye

Hello there my love!


It’s Luba and in today’s email, I’ve asked my friend Patrick, the founder and head coach over at the Centered Man Project, to write a little something for you from a man’s perspective, so get ready!



How To Get My Attention


Hey, it’s Pat from the Centered Man Project,


I’m really glad Luba invited me to be here because frankly, this is long overdue.


I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for a long time.


You see, I firmly believe that just about any woman can be a dazzling beauty.


I really mean it – from the depth of my heart, all women possess an inner well of beauty and light.


However, beauty can easily be faked.


All you have to do is hit the gym 3 times a week and slap on an inch of makeup.


But is that true beauty?


Here’s the thing most women do not expect us men to respond to



The One Thing We Can’t Get Enough Of



To write this for Luba, I had to do some serious digging.


I went through all of my previous relationships and looked closely at the women I was truly excited about.


I don’t mean someone I had a fun date with and will definitely call back – at some point.


What I’m talking about are the women that left me in such a trance that I walked home smiling, humming and skipping. The kind of women I wanted to call every single day, just to hear the sound of their laughter.


THAT kind of woman.


And what I found was actually shocking…


Tell me, what’s the number one trait women say they look for in a man?


9 times out of 10, the word confidence is the first word out of their mouths.


But did you know that confidence is something we men respond to as well?




Every woman I was truly excited about – every woman that absolutely blew my mind possessed a certain level of self-belief, a quiet confidence that was just so irresistible.


It’s what is often called grace!


A woman that is confident is graceful, but you cannot be graceful if you are not confident.


These women all had this look on their face, a humbling, beautiful smile that said “Come get me… If you’re man enough”.

I swear, I know I want to keep a woman when I feel like I could leave her with my friends ( who are all tough and cocky guys) and know that she can banter them into their place, that she could verbally spar with them and come out a winner.


I’m serious! There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows she is absolutely incredible, knows that she wants you but also knows that she doesn’t need you, and that to get her would be a hell of a ride but one that would be totally worth it.


In short, a woman who turns my blood to smoke is the one who can inspire me to rise to the occasion.


Why? Because by doing so, she inspires me to be a better man. To push myself and take what I want for myself, for her, and for the family we might one day have together.


Take this information and do what you will with it.


Your fan,

Pat Ananda