7 New Year Resolutions That Will Allow You To Find True Love In 2017


While some of us have found ourselves pondering the existence of true love in 2016 and how to find it, showing true and love for the four core facets of your being (emotional, physical, spiritual and financial) allows our hearts to generate a self-love frequency that will make it much easier to attract the same feeling from others.


There are a wide range of New Year’s resolutions that will allow you to find the person who is truly right for you and these resolutions give you the chance to unlock the awesome power of the Law of Devotion.


What the man wants is a woman who can make him feel complete and total bliss. What the man wants is a queen of nature who gives them the breath of love, as well as the guidance that they need to become the best man that they can be. To learn more about the resolutions that will allow you to become more in tune with your own needs (as well as the needs of your partner), be sure to read on.


  1. Do Not Waste Your Time: Always Go For The Best


You will always need to keep your eyes on the prize when it comes to finding the relationship that you truly want.


Allow me to rephrase this. It is pivotal for a woman to know her value. As a matter of fact, stop what you are doing right now and go look in the mirror. The person you see staring back is more than worthy of love and it is high time that you stop trying to convince yourself otherwise.


There are no more excuses to be made in 2017. It does not matter if you are too fat, too thin, too driven, too poor, too dramatic or too old.


It is time to take a step back and realize that you are worthy of love and affection just as you are. No one is perfect, as we are all growing and everyone is their own work-in-progress. Everyone is a train wreck in their own way and we all have flaws, whether they are noticeable or not. The heart frequency that is responsible for generating self love is the very same frequency that attracts love from others, which is important to remember.


You are worth it and there is no reason for you to go for a cheaper solution that seems better, but causes you to miss out on the big picture anyway. That’s why you should only deal with the very best professionals and keep the best friends, lovers and relationships. The financial facet of your being cannot be ignored, so don’t ever allow yourself to settle for less in your career or any crucial monetary decision that you make.


  1. Speak The Truth, Even When It Seems Unspeakable


What men want is a woman who has found her voice and will express what she believes to be right and true. This simple act provides a prospective couple with the emotional tools that they need to overcome any obstacles that come their way and makes them feel as if they are aligned with something much greater than themselves.


Speaking your truth helps you hold healthy boundaries with people. If you’re the people pleasing type, then speaking the truth every day will be a highly valuable exercise for you. Once you are used to it, your voice takes on added importance and becomes more influential, allowing you to be heard at all times. It shows true love and care for our own emotional and spiritual being, as we are able to remain true to ourselves.


Telling the truth helps us to expand our self-love frequencies, allowing us to project and attract love. Remaining fully in tune with your own needs and wants teaches us to honor the needs and wants of others and also encourages someone else to attend to them.


  1. Fall In Love With Yourself: Honor and Cherish Yourself As a Precious Being


The relationship that you maintain with yourself is one of the most centrally important in your life and establishes the core of your being, which is why it is important to love and care for yourself in every crucial facet in order to maximize the power of the Law of Devotion. You are the most crucial coach, editor and critic of yourself and this determines how much of your authentic self is shown to you and others.


The relationship you have with yourself acts as the template for all of your relationships. It establishes the working model how to give and receive love. Don’t continue to take your accomplishments for granted in 2017. Most people who seek true love have very little idea how to offer it to themselves and struggle to believe in their own essential worthiness.


If your job does not inspire you, it is time to leave it. You need to remain in tune with your own wants and needs and honor them the in the same way you would honor somebody else’s, or want somebody else to attend to yours.


Discover all that you are worth.


Desire it – then you will get it.


Give what you need to yourself.


Do not NEED it – Desire it – otherwise you will never obtain it.


Showing the proper dedication to pursuing your own happiness and chasing your dreams allows you to care for yourself from an emotional standpoint, while maintaining the proper focus on your health and fitness is also crucial to the physical facet of self-love.


Taking time for yourself and spending time with the people you care about is a great way to enhance your spiritual self-care and knowing the proper times to say “yes” and “no” is a crucial aspect of our emotional care. The more time we spend on these four facets of ourselves, the easier it becomes to find true love.


  1. Learn To Receive – Forgive The Past and Learn to Trust


Past memories of feeling unwanted and being the target of somebody’s rage or anger, these feelings can cause us to close ourselves off and become unable to receive love. This can manifest itself in the inability to feel orgasmic, or even the inability to feel free and ecstatic.


Receiving love includes actively opening to pleasure, receiving compliments and being open to the idea of meeting someone special, without putting up any sort of mental blocks and barriers that are designed to keep them from being able to love you. Being able to receive love requires much more trust than giving.


You’ll need to trust the universe, as well as your own body, so that you can ditch the tired old victim story. 2017 is the year to forget how you were mistreated by the universe, pick up the pearls of wisdom from past relationships and recognize that you are projecting your own world now.


This will allow you to to go for your fresh start, rewrite your love blueprint for yourself and stop blocking the blessings that the universe is trying to provide to you. Every day is another opportunity to enhance your spiritual and emotional self care by trusting in the universe at large and continuing to think positively.


  1. Remain Open To Pleasure: Live Each Day Like Your Last


Remaining open to pleasure is difficult, as many of us were raised with messages that pleasure is dangerous and only pursued by egotistic women. However, nothing is further from the truth. We are placed here for enjoyment of the universe and suffering takes place when we hold onto pleasure in an excessive manner.


You must learn to trust your body, feel its desires and honor them. This allows you to open up to life, Love and pleasure, as well as attracting the men who are giving, as opposed to the ones who will use you.


Opening up to pleasure goes hand in hand with letting go of judgement and feeling natural gratitude. When that happens, the universe will shower you with gifts. Think about it: who would you want to give to: somebody who cannot receive it, or somebody who will enjoy it and be grateful for it?


Take the time to thoroughly consider your mentalities about the reception of pleasure before blaming others for your unluckiness in love. What the man wants is a woman who has no hang ups about the reception of pleasure. After all, fighting through someone else’s insecurities to provide them with pleasure that they are not open to is far from ideal.


  1. Set Your Intention – Set Your Priorities Straight


Knowing what you want from a relationship before you even begin to pursue it is crucial to your ability to find true love. Your intentions drive your reality and your desires will determine your destination. The more you focus on what you truly want, the easier it becomes to turn your dreams into realities.


Being 100 percent clear about who you are and what relationship you wish to attract works wonders. What inspires you? Is it the prospect of building a nest together and starting a family? Or are you a more career oriented type?


Knowing your intentions allows you to feed them each and every day. Having daily exercises in place that are designed to help you is key, whether you are using daily affirmations or you are the praying type. Doing so also grants you the opportunity to take a closer look at your life to see if you are truly ready to have a relationship.


Do you have the space in your life for another person? Can you let them in? Will you be able to enhance their existence? Answering these questions is integral to determining your intentions.


  1. Don’t Sweat It – Focus On the Process Not On The Result


The Law of Devotion is not about having an excessive amount of focus on the results that take place, it is about taking the time focus on the process instead. When we establish the proper process for pursuing new relationships, we stand a far greater chance of obtaining the connections that we desire and maintaining them over the long haul.


To focus on the process, we must learn how to live in the moment. As women, we tend to spend too much time worrying about the future and we tend to spend more time talking ourselves out of relationships than we should. By remaining present in the current moment, we can avoid this tendency for good.


No matter what you are going through in the present, there is always a reason to smile. To make men want you, you’ll need to remain connected to the process, instead of sweating the result. Learning how to make men want you takes time and when you have an excessive amount of focus on past results, this keeps us from our future happiness.


Taking lessons from the past is one thing, allowing past mistakes to dictate future actions is quite another. Don’t make the same mistakes in 2017 that you did in 2016 when it comes to your love life.


As you can see, the Law of Devotion is a powerful tool when it comes to learning more about men need in women and unlocking the secret to what the man wants. What men desire is a woman who is a queen in her own right and by making the necessary changes to your dating techniques in 2017 and following the aforementioned resolutions, you will find the true love that you seek in no time at all.