Making The Forces Of Nature Work For You

Everybody is looking for a new life revolution and a way to harness the spiritual rebirth we’ve been witnessing in recent decades. Women in particular are breaking free of old paradigms set in place by the urgency to free us…

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Can You Be Marriage Material AND Sexy? Hell Yes!

Hello lovely,   Luba here.   I’ve had some women ask me this question before and it really got me thinking…   You see, there’s an assumption going around that it is impossible to be both his sexual fantasy and…

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A Man’s Perspective On How To Catch His Eye

Hello there my love!   It’s Luba and in today’s email, I’ve asked my friend Patrick, the founder and head coach over at the Centered Man Project, to write a little something for you from a man’s perspective, so get…

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[Do You Do This?] STOP Waiting For Him To Call!

Hello lovely! Luba here,   Listen, I know how crappy it feels when a man is sending mixed signals (I’ll actually discuss that in tomorrow’s email)   It just breaks my heart when I hear from my incredible ladies that…

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